"I did some tests where I was mixing for longer periods of time and I realized I'm not getting any ear fatigue. The DAC-ST and Monitor ST combo has this very si...

Richard Devine, Composer and Sound Designer

"The ST is accurate, transparent and dependable."

Michael Tudor, Engineer

"It seems to do a lot. Fantastic sounding. It can be subtle, but also knock your socks off with variations of the sidechain path. Sounds like a beautiful box."

Will Schillinger, Engineer

"Dangerous Music contributes to the magic and vibe my clients relate to when they think of my studio."

Alberto Rizzo Schettino, Engineer

“In a market flooded with inexpensive solutions, the ST stands out as a truly professional alternative.”

Eli Crews, Electronic Musician Magazine

"It has taken the digital out of my digital!"

Alan Bogdanovski, Engineer/Musician - Kamera Lucidia

“Between SSL, in-the-box and 2-Bus… in blind tests…it was a unanimous decision that the Dangerous mixes beat out everything.”

Gina Fant-Saez, Mix Engineer

“Multiple sidechain options, the innovative 'Smart Dynamics' feature, and the signature transparent musicality Dangerous brings to all their products- we hav...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

"I noticed a profound improvement in detail with the Source, it was like a veil was lifted."

Dan Black, Producer

"I use gear that sounds good to me. The Monitor ST and 2-Bus LT have been great purchases for our Mix Room!"

Ray Benson, Musician/Artist

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