"Having the Monitor ST and 2-Bus LT when it comes time to mix is a must. The 2-Bus LT gives me the analog sound I desire, and the Monitor ST is by far the best ...

Sam Seifert, Producer/Engineer

“I’ve gotten into the D-Box summing, it’s exciting to apply it to soft-synths to get that warmth and that width in the mix.”

Morgan Page, Remixer

“It’s no surprise that the first piece of signal processing from Dangerous is something that currently does not exist and something I need to have.”

Dave Kutch, Mastering Engineer

"The beauty of the Dangerous Music D-Box is that we travel and do everything on the road, so the D-Box makes it completely possible to make world-class recordin...

Pete Evick, Engineer

“I cannot imagine working without the Dangerous Master.”

Larry Di Vivo, Tape Op Magazine

“The recall is much better on the 2-Bus than a console because of the way it is designed as a dedicated back-end to a DAW system.”

Jacquire King, Producer/Mix Engineer

"I need the depth that I get with the 2-Bus so that I can place everything in the mix. With the 2-Bus, I can get the vocal to the front for the audience to hear...

Horace Ward, FOH Engineer

“What I love about the BAX is its ability to sound punchy in the low end, without being muddy."

George Seara, Mix Engineer

"I love how while I'm tweaking the knobs I hardly hear the changes and then when I take it out, it's like 'wtf, my mix just shrank!' "

John Butler, Composer, Diamond Mine Music (Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, etc.)

"The 2-Bus and Monitor are the core of my mix setup, and I wouldn't use anything else!"

Darren Rust, Producer/Engineer

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