“Using the Monitor was completely transparent to my mixing process.”

Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine

"Liaison has the potential of turning you into an audio ninja"

Andy Hong, Writer/Reviewer

“I bought the D-Box to have a really clean and reliable way to monitor that would sound great, and wouldn’t futz around when I turned the volume down.”

Morgan Page, Remixer

“The ST/SR system works very well indeed and sounds completely clean and transparent.”

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

"Every studio should have one of these."

F. Reid Shippen, Mixing Engineer

“The beauty of this design is that it crams a ton of options into an incredibly great sounding, easy-to-use device.”

F. Reid Shippen, TapeOp Magazine

"This compressor is top-drawer in every way."

Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine

“For the last five years, ET and I have been using the 2-Bus for all of our mixes at my studio.”

Jerry Harrison, Producer

“If analog inputs, gorgeous design, expandability and top-flight sound do it for you, then you can’t go wrong with the ST.”

Alex Oana, Pro Audio Review

"It's especially effective in the low range. Just half a dB or a dB of boost really brings out the bottom out without making it sound muddy."

Marc Einstmann, Mastering Engineer

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