"The 2-Bus and Monitor are the core of my mix setup, and I wouldn't use anything else!"

Darren Rust, Producer/Engineer

"Woah! The stereo image is definitely wider than I've ever heard here in the control room. And I'm catching details I never have before in songs I've heard a m...

Brian J Anthony, Engineer/Studio Owner

"I got to try the ST in my studio and I found that everything sounded cleaner, and the bass was tighter, and I had a very different picture of my stereo image, ...

Reuven Amiel, Mix Engineer

"The auto attack and release is so intelligent, that I had a hard time producing a better sound with manual adjustments."

Joe Mullen, Professional Sound Magazine

"I noticed a profound improvement in detail with the Source, it was like a veil was lifted."

Dan Black, Producer

"The headphone amp is so crisp and detailed. I recorded one of my regular artists through it and the DBox helped get him to the emotion quicker than ever. It bl...

Arnold D'Souza, Engineer

“I use the Monitor ST/SR every minute of every production because all our audio goes through it!”

Joe Mendelson, Gramercy Post

"The 2-Bus has made a huge difference. My mixes sound the way I want: really big, wide, lots of clarity, low end punch & detail."

Sammy Merendino, Producer/Mix Engineer

“This whole experience of using Dangerous Music gear for me was a giant ‘Ah hah!’ — an epiphany.”

Richard Sales, Engineer and producer

"Transparency, accuracy, stereo image integrity, ease of use, and performance are all a part of what this new stereo compressor brings to the market."

Joe Mullen, Professional Sound Magazine

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