“I wonder how I ever lived without the D-Box.”

Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine

“The D-Box has just the right balance of functions presented in a clear and very useable way.”

Simon Tillbrook, AudioMedia Magazine

"The Dangerous Music sound is my sound, it's ‘the force’ behind me!”

Teddy Riley, Producer, Songwriter

“With the ST I could more easily distinguish nuances within tones.”

Alex Oana, AudioMedia

“The Dangerous 2-Bus brings back the true depth of a mix, the space perception created in the mix or recording by using reverb, echo, or the actual room mics....

Karyadi Sutedja, Mix Engineer

"The mix had room to breathe; the Source really does restore the headroom that is so lacking in today’s standard home studio interfaces. You get more punch, a...

Joe Mullen, Musician, Engineer, Writer (Professional Sound)

"Stadium Red Engineer Ariel Borujow's [mix] chain is: out to the 2-Bus LT, to an SSL compressor, then to the BAX EQ. He swears by it, he won’t mix any other w...

Claude Zdanow, Engineer, CEO and Found of Stadium Red

“The Dangerous Master’s…sonic quality is in a league with custom-built proprietary mastering consoles.”

Andrew Mendelson, Mix Magazine

“I haven’t missed having the console. Using the Dangerous Music setup is cleaner and faster - a lot less to do, and a lot less worry. You turn the Dangerous...

Duncan Sheik, Recording Artist, Composer

“The 2-Bus is amazing, it adds so much space and clarity to the mixes.”

Dirty South, Remixer

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