“The precision of the volume control, the clean, clear audio path…all enhanced my studio experience.”

Eli Crews, Electronic Musician Magazine

"The stereo width is unbelievable, I feel like I'm surrounded by my music."

Pete Evick, Engineer

"This compressor is top-drawer in every way."

Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine

“The BAX EQ gave me a ‘foot’ like no other EQ I have does.”

Dave Kutch, Mastering Engineer

“If you want to achieve similar results as the top mastering facilities, you need the Master - end of story.”

Larry DiVivo, Tape Op Magazine

“We checked out other monitor controllers, but after using and listening to the Dangerous Monitor ST/SR we definitely liked it best.”

Mike Crehore, Co-owner and Producer at Dubway

“The Monitor ST is amazing, it’s really helpful for making accurate decisions at all stages of the recording and mixing process.”

Phil Greiss, Producer & engineer

“This whole experience of using Dangerous Music gear for me was a giant ‘Ah hah!’ — an epiphany.”

Richard Sales, Engineer/Producer

“The Dangerous 2-Bus brings back the true depth of a mix, the space perception created in the mix or recording by using reverb, echo, or the actual room mics....

Karyadi Sutedja, Mix Engineer

"I use gear that sounds good to me. The Monitor ST and 2-Bus LT have been great purchases for our Mix Room!"

Ray Benson, Musician/Artist

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