"Cleans up the edges of the high and low end."

Maor Appelbaum, Mastering Engineer

"When I added the D-Box to my setup at home, I could finally mix just as well there as in any world class studio I've ever worked at in NY or LA."

Ryan West, Mix Engineer

"Transparency is truth to me and I feel that the Monitor ST has revealed everything to a point where I can very-well trust it."

Richard Devine, Composer and Sound Designer

“I love the Monitor ST remote, the volume doesn’t drift or waver at all because each output channel is changed very precisely, and it’s repeatable.”

Noël Jackson, Mastering engineer

“As far as I can tell (and I've really looked and listened), there are very few stereo units that will sound as good as the Convert-2, and (I will go on recor...

Allen Farmelo, Producer, Engineer

“The ST/SR system achieves impressive levels of sonic transparency and neutrality.”

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

“The ST is quiet, sturdy and definitely exudes a feeling of confidence.” – Rich Tozzoli

Rich Tozzoli, Pro Sound News

“A new standard of excellence.”

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

“The meters are excellent and give great visual feedback.”

Chris Athens, Mastering Engineer

“At low volume on the Monitor ST, you still feel the punch of the kick and the power that’s coming through the mix. That is very, very important for me.”

Pablo Arraya, Mix Engineer

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