“The Dangerous Monitor ST remote is drop dead gorgeous.”

Alex Oana, AudioMedia

“The ST surprised me in proving to be a vast improvement over my SSL’s modified monitor section. The ST one of the best monitoring sections I’ve ever used...

F. Reid Shippen, TapeOp Magazine

"The BAX has been awesome as my drum overhead EQ on tracking dates. It enhances the sound of the whole kit, but it doesn't sound processed - just clear and 3D."

John Paterno, Producer/Engineer

"From the second I plugged it in I could tell it was very pristine and transparent. The low frequencies feel tighter and less intermingled with the other freque...

Joseph Fraioli, Sound Designer

“Clocking is rock solid!”

Ryan West, Recorder/Mixer

“I would argue many of us have not ever experienced the natural sweetness and truth of great playback system like the ST.”

Alex Oana, AudioMedia

"Transparency, accuracy, stereo image integrity, ease of use, and performance are all a part of what this new stereo compressor brings to the market."

Joe Mullen, Professional Sound Magazine

"The low end just sounds tighter and bigger."

Reuven Amiel, Mixer/Producer

"Having the Monitor ST and 2-Bus LT when it comes time to mix is a must. The 2-Bus LT gives me the analog sound I desire, and the Monitor ST is by far the best ...

Sam Seifert, Producer/Engineer

"The stereo width is unbelievable, I feel like I'm surrounded by my music."

Pete Evick, Engineer

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Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015

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Thursday, Jun 11, 2015

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