"When I bought the D-Box 2+ years ago, I had no idea how dramatic the difference would be and I'm still excited by it. Anything that inspires me daily like that...

Ryan West, Mix Engineer

"The 2-Bus made such a huge difference. It really made my mixes."

Nate Wood, Mastering Engineer

“There is a definite soundstage…using the 2-Bus LT. You get that same sense of space on large format mixing boards.”

Phil Greiss, Producer/Engineer

“The Dangerous Master immediately made a huge improvement in the quality of my work. I think it’s the cleanest sounding solution available.”

Dave McNair, Mastering Engineer

“I love all the Dangerous Music equipment. I use the Monitor ST, the Master, and two 2-Bus LTs for my mixing and stem-mastering.”

Noel Jackson, Mastering Engineer

"Ultra fast switching, and the four memory locations makes comparing different inserts easy."

Simon Li, Mixing/Mastering Engineer - nOiz

"It's like an antidepressant for my ears!"

Ricky Rodriguez, Producer, Engineer

“The Dangerous Source is amazing. It’s important for us [to] hear the music as clearly and accurately as possible. For our work with Sol Republic headphones...

Lucas Keller, Producer

"The headphone amp is so crisp and detailed. I recorded one of my regular artists through it and the DBox helped get him to the emotion quicker than ever. It bl...

Arnold D'Souza, Engineer

"When I added the D-Box to my setup at home, I could finally mix just as well there as in any world class studio I've ever worked at in NY or LA."

Ryan West, Mix Engineer

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