“The Monitor ST with the DAC ST is my standard for listening now. It’s a really smart and well-configured piece of equipment"

Duncan Sheik, Recording Artist, Composer

“The built-in monitoring section in D-Box is great!  Now I know what my mixes really sound like.”

Count, Producer/Mix Engineer

“The Dangerous Music gear is a far more elegant solution to anything I saw that was available…because of its simplicity, sonic power, and well thought-out d...

Mike Wells, Mastering Engineer

"It seems to do a lot. Fantastic sounding. It can be subtle, but also knock your socks off with variations of the sidechain path. Sounds like a beautiful box."

Will Schillinger, Engineer

"This is without a doubt the most transparent compressor I have ever used, and the more I learn it, the more uses I find for it."

Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine

“On comparison mixes, I was prepared for the console to sound better than the 2-Bus, but I didn’t really notice a difference between them.”

Ryan Greene, Producer/Engineer

“The ST/SR system achieves impressive levels of sonic transparency and neutrality.”

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound

"The Bax EQ is one of the cleanest analog EQ's I have heard to date... So clean that with no boost or cut it sounds just like hard bypass."

Maor Appelbaum, Mastering Engineer

"The fact that I get two vital pieces of hardware in one without sacrificing any quality makes the D-Box a must-have."

David Hodges, Producer

“I really liked the layout of the controller, the solid feel of the volume knob and especially the sound.”

Paul Antonell, Pro Sound News

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