"Smart Dyn mode handles loud transients seamlessly, almost negating the need for a separate limiter."

Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound Magazine

“Having the Monitor ST to integrate all the elements of my rig gives me great peace of mind. With the ST I am confident that I am hearing the true output of t...

Michael Tudor, Engineer

“The ST is quiet, sturdy and definitely exudes a feeling of confidence.” – Rich Tozzoli

Rich Tozzoli, Pro Sound News

"Everything I do I mix through the Dangerous gear."

Teddy Riley, Producer, Songwriter

“The ST is a dream. From the minute we had it wired up and turned on, it felt natural and easy to use.”

Larry Crane, TapeOp Magazine

“Chris Muth is a genius. The Dangerous equipment sounds amazing!”

Robert Carranza, Mix Engineer

"The 2-Bus and Monitor are the core of my mix setup, and I wouldn't use anything else!"

Darren Rust, Producer/Engineer

"The low end was punching more, you could distinguish the sounds easier, the mix sounded more wide, the highs sounded more real and sat better…and this was wi...

Mike Bell, Darkart Mastering

"I tried it on a mix and once I heard what it could do on the stereo buss I said 'Oh man, I need to revisit a couple of the other mixes that I've done and put t...

F. Reid Shippen, Mixing Engineer

“On comparison mixes, I was prepared for the console to sound better than the 2-Bus, but I didn’t really notice a difference between them.”

Ryan Greene, Producer/Engineer

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